About service SaveChange.ru

Congratulations! You made the right choice selecting our service of electronic money exchange for the continuous and successful cooperation.

What does it mean "Save Change"?

Title SaveChange.ru based on the phrase "save the change". This principle we follow when providing you exchange services. We always try to round off numbers in a better amounts for you. If you calculate the amount of exchange, it rounds in a large way to the 2 digit. Discounts on discount cards rounded to the nearest whole number and so on. We understand that trust and comfort of users is much more important than lost some income.

What kind of services offer SaveChange.ru?

On our site at any time, you can quickly and absolutely safe to exchange Webmoney WMZ, WME, WMR, WMU, WMB and RBK-Money.

The exchange will be made at the rate you see in the table. There are no hidden commissions and fees, not including the possible commission payment systems (our commissions we pay for you). We continually monitor trends in electronic currency rates and always give you the best exchange rates. If added to aforesaid, the existence of huge reserves without any restrictions on the amount of exchange, the most simple, fast and safe service, it becomes clear why we are leaders in the market exchange of electronic money with continuously growing number of our customers!

Using our exchange services, you always can be sure that get the best rates of exchange at the moment, with maximum reserves and unsurpassed quality of service.

The exchange is fully automatic. It mean what, you will receive funds you need at the same time as a complete payment at our account. So you do not need to return to the site of exchanger and with a few minutes to watch, freeze hearts, on a message "Your exchange is processing", which is common in other services. In exchanges with SaveChange.ru, as soon as you click "Pay" in the Merchant payment system - your money already will be exchanged. And returning to our site you just make sure of getting batch numbers and times for each payment.

We remind you that if you go to very simple registration, you will have access to all the unique features of our service for customers. You will receive a accumulative discount , which will increase to a record 50% of our profits, as well as be able to participate in our super-profitable affiliate program and receive regular income, dividing the profits with us in half! All what you need is only talk about our exchanger to your friends and acquaintances!

Can I trust to your service?

Automatic exchange service SaveChange.ru sucessfully works from 01.02.2007. For all the time we do not have dissatisfied users. Our exchange service is verified Webmoney seller and business level (BL) more than 1700, which corresponds to the daily amount of transactions for tens of thousands U.S. dollars. Also we are a certified Webmoney exchange service and is a leader in all kind of exchange. SaveChange.ru exchange service has been certified by international organization "Global Digital Currency Association (GDCA)" and Russia's Webmoney services Association - WM-Club. Ofcourse, our domain has a security SSL certificate www.savechange.ru. Immodestly can emphasize that we are a leader among the automatic exchange services and our service is used daily by thousands of happy users.

Our accounts and contacts

URL: http://www.savechange.ru
WM-почта: WMID 611244989650
ICQ: 911-653 (поддержка)
ICQ: 661-505 (администратор)
Jabber/XMPP (GTalk): [email protected]
Skype: savechange.ru

Our accounts in payment systems:

Webmoney WMZ: Z665323431308
Webmoney WMR: R058661149623
Webmoney WME: E638861256952
Webmoney WMU: U362653976543
Webmoney WMB: B905972685900
Yandex Money: 41001502399187