Create new discount card

Using this page you can issue accumulative discount card by yourself.

For create discount card you must select secret code.

  • Card code is unique in our system.
  • You can create any code not used already.
  • Card code nust have 5 (five) symbols.
  • In card code you can use only
    • Numberals (0 .. 9)
    • Letters (A .. Z a .. z)
  • Lower- and Upper-case letters are equal (A the same as a)
  • Card code must contains at least one letter and one cipher.
  • Examples: gBd62 13К53 AAGS1 aA1Aa 44w44 He1lo
Please enter card code for new discount card "":

After create discount card you'll get next benefits:

  • For every exchange operation with activated discount card, exchanged amount in USD will added to this card.
  • For every accumulated 1 000 USD you will get 1% discount for our profit.
  • If you use your SaveChange account together with card, exchanged amount also will be added to the card.
  • If you use your persinal account with discount card together will be used bigger discount.
  • Discount from card will be used for all exchange directions.
  • You can tell your discount card code to any person and accumulate discount together much faster.
  • You even can sell you discount card code with already accumulated discount and earn additional profit.
  • Maximal accumulated discount for discount cards "" is 50% from our profit.
  • Discount from discount cards "" applies only in inteders (1,2,3...%) and round-up to the high.