Cumulative discount system

On this page you will find a full description of discount system for regular customers of exchanger

Our system of accumulating discounts is considered among the best discount programs of exchange services. The basic principle of our service - to attract the maximum number of clients and give them better exchanges with the highest level of reliability, security and huge reserves to meet the most demanding clients. That is why our service is the choice for continued cooperation by not only thousands of ordinary Internet users, but also major international exchangers!

For a start, our service of automatic exchange of electronic money have two independent and certainly very profitable accumulating discount systems for regular customers.

Get a record discount 50% of our profits!

1. The first - "Discount cards".

This system provides users the opportunity to independently produce discount cards for our exchanger. The card code contains only five characters, which are easy to remember and tell your friends. The attractiveness of this program is that in order to obtain and increase discounts enough to know only five character code of discount card. Just imagine, place this code in the well visited forum or blog and your discount will rapidly grow! You can tell this code to unlimited number of people than attract more customers for us and get an opportunity to make exchanges for yourself and your friends on the incredibly advantageous exchange rates with 50% discount. If you, additionally, will participate in our affiliate program, then you will also divide profits on the conditions of our partner!

Do you want more benefits? No problem! Discount used immediately for all directions of exchanges! And of course we have another gift! You can sell your discount card code in any Internet-goods store and get more profits. Moreover, you can sell you card unlimited number of times! And, sure, you will not lose opportunity to continue to use this card!

Now select all benefits of the accumulative discount system from!

  • Accumulative discount card for service can create any Internet user. For this is not even necessary to create a personal account. All that is required is to come only five-digit code for your new card.

  • You can transfer discount card code to unlimited number of people, significantly increasing the discount's accumulation speed.

  • Discount accumulates at a speed of 1% for every 1000 USD exchanged in the exchanger using the discount card.

  • Discount always rounded to the nearest whole number (1, 2, 3 ...) while rounding performed on the big side! This means, that after the first exchange with the discount card, you get a discount - 1%.

  • The maximum discount, which you can accumulate, is unprecedented 50% of our profits!

  • Discount from single discount card used immediately for all directions of exchange!

  • And finally, the possibility of multiple sales discount card's code without further loss of use it!

Do you think this is not possible? Create your discount card right now and make sure it yourself!

2. The second - "Personal discount program".

This system offers a personalized discount (use it only by yourself) but allows to accumulate the maximum rebate twice as fast. In order to participate in this discount program enough to fill a very simple form of registration account.

To open an account enough to enter your name, login, password and e-mail address. Also you can specify your e-requisites, which will be used for exchanges in the future. These details can be set / change later or enter each time manually.

After clicking on "Create new user account", you will create a personal account (provided that the selected ID has not been busy yet). To see your account properties, it is necessary to enter your user name and password into a form which is located in the right column of our site. If you use computer only by yourself - don't need to enter your password each time again! Just check "Use "Auto-login"" and after entering your user name it will be saved. In all subsequent visits to the site you will use your account automatically.

After logging in, the box, where was form of login and password, will display your login name. And after choosing the direction of the exchange - your current discount for the direction in which you will undoubtedly enjoy! Your discounts on all directions, as well as other details of your account, you can check pressing the button "Go to account".

Discount is accumulating and increases autimatically after the completion of exchange on one of the direction. For example, if you change WMR to WMZ, you also receive a discount on all directions to the WMZ (WMU to WMZ, WME to WMZ, etc.). Discount is calculated from our profits at current exchange and is grow 1% for every 500 USD, 350 EUR, 10 000 rubles or 2 500 hryvnias, swapped with your account. The maximum discount for this program is a record 50% of our profits!

Here you can see our current exchange rates, which can currently use our customs with a maximum 50% discount on all exchanges.

Example of calculation:

Suppose, that you already have exchanged with our exchanger 10 345 USD for Webmoney WMZ. Now you have a discount of 20.7% (10 345 / 500) in all directions at the WMZ (WMR -> WMZ, WMU -> WMZ, WME -> WMZ, WMB -> WMZ,etc.). Suppose you want to swap 5 000 USD from Webmoney WME to Webmoney WMZ. For example, our profit in this direction is 3.6%. In this case you will receive a discount of 0.74% (3.6 / 100 * 20.7), it will be 37 USD.

Our profit calculates quite easily. You have to reverse course WMZ / WME, divide into WME / WMZ course, the number is further divided into 2 and deduct a commission of payment systems. For example: course WMZ / WME - 0.6361, and course WME / WMZ - 1.5278. In this case we get profit:

(1/0.6361) / 1.5278 = 2.9% / 2 - (0.8% + 0.8%) / 2 = 0.65%

But you do not need to compute!

All discounts are calculated automatically and courses that you see on the homepage, already have all discounts for your account! This is simply to make sure that you really use your account (must display your login name at the top of the screen).