Latest news

15.05.2018 We have finished to move our service to the new server. Now your trades will be even more fast and secure.
01.12.2010 Service for fund webmoney from VISA/MasterCard was stopped. Sorry to annouce what.
24.04.2010 Have started our service for exchange Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. You can find this service on URL: We hope you'll love our new exchange service.
09.02.2010 New option "Auto-payout" in your account. Now you can get referral payments automatically to your purse without create withdraw orders manually.
06.02.2010 Now your referral payments processing automatically every hour!
07.01.2010 Discounts for credit Skype account.
05.01.2010 Happy new year for all our customers. New year with new design!
04.10.2009 Now, with our exchange service you can ecxhange even 0.01 WMZ. For our service inportant every customer!
15.07.2009 Our exchange service begin to work with payment system RBK-Money. Now our customers can automatically and instant exchange to or from RBKMoney.
07.06.2009 We are glad to offer to you our new service. Now you can automatically and instant buy Skype credit with Webmoney.
01.08.2008 From today service don't provide exchange operations with Liberty Reserve and E-Gold. Administratin of Webmoney payment system forbiden exchange Webmoney to this e-currencies.
30.07.2008 We have finished full description for our NEW discount program and NEW referral program! You will find this pages here: Discounts, Referral program.
28.07.2008 Today was added new currency Webmoney WME. Now you can make automatic currency exchanges for
WME <=> E-Gold
27.07.2008 Now our maximal discount is 50% from our profit. Also we changed our referral program and will annonce it in nearest future. Now you can get 50% of our profit from every exchange made by you referral.
22.07.2008 Now minimum amount for exchange is 2 USD / 50 WMR / 10 WMU.
19.07.2008 Today was added new currency Webmoney WMU. Now you can make automatic currency exchanges for
WMU <=> E-Gold
09.05.2008 Now discount from discount cards will be round-up (not round-down) to the nearest integer.
04.05.2008 Added new discount program with Discount cards "" (right menu). Now you can get discount together with your friends and even sell our discount cards.
05.04.2008 Added new service Reserve informer (right menu). Now you can make request if we don't have needed reserves for exchange and get e-mail message, when our reserve will increase.
28.01.2008 We have started to deal with Liberty Reserve. Now you can make automatic exchanges Webmoney WMZ, Webmoney WMR, E-Gold, Liberty Reserve with very good rates.
Our current rates you can always find on our Main page.
10.01.2008 Our server transferred to the new dedicated server. Now we are more close to you! Our site will work now much faster.
01.01.2008 Happy New 2008 Year!
We wish you more and more oportinities and more luck!
22.12.2007 Now our site is more secure. From 22.12.2007 you can use SSL protocol for access our site. If you want to use SSL protocol, address must begin from "https://".
Secured version of
11.12.2007 We change our main scripts. Now our site will be more secure and simple. In the nearest future we will add new electronic currencies.
15.11.2007 Unfortunatelly we can't provide exchange service for PayPal and Moneybookers. This payment systems don't allow exchange services.
29.10.2007 Changed our ICQ support to 911-653 please add new number to your contact list.
10.10.2007 We have started to deal with Moneybookers.
Additional information you'll find on the main page.
25.08.2007 We have started to deal with PayPal.
Additional information you'll find on the main page.
01.06.2007 We have started to accept payments to our bank account. Using our service you can BUY WebMoney / E-Gold with WIRE transfer to our bank account in Czech Repiblic. Also you can SELL all types of electronnic currencies we accept.
Additional information you'll find on the main page.
14.04.2007Today was added new currency WMR. Now you can make automatic currency exchanges for
WMR <=> E-Gold
01.04.2007Now you can buy or sell electronic currencies using our service. You can make wire transfers to our IBAN account (SWIFT) and to our bank account in Russian federation.
15.03.2007We have create our discount system! Now all registered users will get 1% discount from every $1000 exchanged.
12.03.2007We have changes our hosting provider. Now our site hosted on dedicated server with maximal security level. Now our site will work much stable and faster.
01.02.2007We are glad to introduce you our new automatic exchange of electronic currencies service. Now we exchange only most popular currencies (E-Gold, WMZ), but we will expand this list in future. Thank your for your support.