Affiliate program description

On this page you will find a full description of the affiliate program from

Our partner program developed by experts in Internet marketing and deservedly regarded as the best affiliate program from automatic exchange Webmoney service. Of course, you know that most exchangers use credits to maintain currency reserves at an acceptable level. In this regard service differs from them, using only our own funds. And anyway we are one of the top largest exchange services on this parameter. Plus, the software for our exchanger has written and constantly improving our personal high skilled Web-programmer, which allows us not contact third-party Web-studios and anyway maintain our service at a high level in terms of functionality and security. All this greatly reduces our costs, allows us to manage funds more freely and maintain a good level of profitability for ourselves and for our partners with best exchange rates for customers. Also want to say that site is located on a dedicated server with dedicated Internet channel and does not divide the server resources with other projects that positively affect the speed and stability of the site, as well as all the ancillary systems.

Service constantly evolving and is already a leader in the automatic exchange, as confirmed by our high BL (), thousands of our customers and hundreds of instant profitable exchanges daily. All of this guarantees that your joined friends will be our satisfied customers, and you can earn money on the Internet, sitting at home on the couch.

In our referral program can participate absolutely any Internet user. It's enough to fill a very simple form of registration account. To open an account enough to enter your name, login, password and e-mail address. Also you can specify your e-requisites, which will be used in future to withdraw earned money. These details can be set / change any time.

After creating a personal account, you can use your personal link to bring your friends and acquaintances to our site. For the advertising company of our site we will provide you with all necessary materials. You can use the trademark to advertise our site on any Internet resources (except illegal). We provide you with advertising texts to be posted on your Website forums and message boards on the Internet. Also, you will find in your personal account our banners of various sizes in Russian and English languages. And even JavaScript informer, it can display on your site, our exchange rates in REAL TIME!

Forbidden to use lists of e-mail (SPAM) to advertise our service. When we receive complaints - your accounts will be removed with the loss of money earned.

All visitors who came to the site from your link will be marked with Cookie (label) for 30 days. This means that if he return to our site at any time during the month and exchange - you get a partnership reward, and its label will be updated for another 30 days (in this case must be borne in mind that if he comes to our site from link of another party our affiliate program, your label is replaced with that party label). If the user create a personal account on our site, it becomes your constant referral and you'll receive constant profits from all his subsequent exchanges (even if it later enters to the site with a foreign link). This "tagging system" profitable allocate our referral program among the competitors, who usually set Cookie only for one session (until the user closes the browser window).

Our commission will be considered in the USD. But you can withdraw your income in any currency, which proposes to exchange on our site. 1.00 USD always equals 1.00 WMZ. And for conversion into other currencies uses the rate of purchase (more advantageous for you) rather than sale rate. Withdraw orders from the partners handled by operator every day (even on weekends). And another bonus for our partners! We ourselves pay payment system's commission when transferring money to our partners!

Want more advantages? Another advantage is our minimum amount of payment. You can order the payment of earned money when your account balance will be only 0.50 USD. This is the absolute minimum in partnership programs!

And certainly not leave our indifferent basic conditions of our partnership deductions. Our experts have been developed and successfully introduced the super-profitable multi-step percent increase in deductions. This percentage increases depending on the total amount of your earnings and calculate on the following principle:

Percent Earned amount    
| 20% | 0 USD -   4.99 USD   |
| 30% | 5.00 USD - 19.99 USD   |
| 40% | 20.00 USD - 99.99 USD   |
| 50% | more 100.00 USD   |

Immediately after registration you will receive 20% of our profit sharing from each of your referrals. All your earned money will be added (even if you withdraw earnings), and when you reach each new level - your percentage will increase automatically!

Think that you deserve more? We are always open for dialogue and are happy to each new VIP-partner with a higher rate and payment of 500 USD per month!

You are still not confident that our partnership program an absolute leader in profitability and reliability? You just do not read this offer until the end! We are pleased to inform you another one of our advantages! Affiliate program of service is a multilevel! This means that from all money earned by your referrals you will receive incredible 15% from each of their withdraw payment. When we paying earned money to your referrer - to your account will be automatically added 15% from output amount!

You doubt that all this possible? We are busting the myth of the impossibility of stable earnings in the Internet! Join hundreds of our regular partners from around the world who have successfully earned with us and make sure it yourself!

Certainly, from our side, we can guarantee that you will not leave you with your questions and problems one by one. Our operators are working each day On-Line in ICQ on the short number 911-653. Moreover, often we can answer your questions and on weekends. You can always get an answer on E-Mail, or using the contact from on the "Contacts" page.

Finally, list of the major benefits of our referral program:

  • Quick and easy creation of a personal account.

  • Working with the market leader of electronic currency exchange.

  • Lack of payment delays and errors with accrued interest.

  • Placing affiliate links to forums, blogs and directories.

  • We will give you promotional materials for distribution on the Internet.

  • The ability to receive payment in a convenient currency by favorable currency exchange rate of purchase.

  • Set marks to referrals for 30 days with the updating of each visit.

  • Establishment of permanent referral-link when referral creating a personal account.

  • Minimum payment is only 0.50 USD.

  • Multi-step system increased revenue, depending on earnings.

  • Special conditions for VIP partners.

  • Two-level program with the payment of 15% from withdraws of all referrals.

  • Stable operating, adequate support service.
You are eager to start? It is time to join our unique partnership program and begin work in the Internet right now!