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Fund Skype account with Webmoney, RBK-money

Congratulations! You made the right decision choosing our service, and now you can instantly and automatically replenish your Skype account. Our company oficially registered as "Skype for business". And in several seconds you will be member of our Skype business-group! When you can any time automatically "top-up" your Skype-account with Webmoney using our service!

Skype account:
Skype Password *:
E-Mail address:
Fund amount: EUR **
Minimum: 0.10 EUR. Maximum: 0 EUR

Amount to pay  
  Fund Skype with Webmoney WMZWMZ
  Fund Skype with Webmoney WMEWME
  Fund Skype with Webmoney WMRWMR
  Fund Skype with Webmoney WMUWMU
  Fund Skype with Visa QIWI RUBQIWI

*Your password will never save on our service. It used for automatic append you to our business-group. For this operation used secure SSL connection with Skype server.
You can leave this field empty. In this case you'll get instructions after push "Next" button.

**Our's business group currency is - EUR. If your account setup for another currency, funds will be converted automatically with Skype's exchange rates.